Links for Writers

This page contains links with annotations by K. L. Cook. You can scroll down the page or click to any of the sections below:

Writers’ Associations | Artist Colonies | Literary Journals, Magazines, and University Presses | Awards for Fiction Writers
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Writers' Associations

This set of links includes the major national and international associations for writers, select regional associations (primarily in the Southwest), and an on-line guide to literary agents.


Artist Colonies

Artist colonies will save your literary life. Open to both acclaimed and emerging writers and artists, these benevolent organizations provide two week-two months of uninterrupted time to complete your creative work. Most artists are in need of time, solitude, a room of one’s own, and an atmosphere that honors making art. These colonies provide room, meals (often first-class), a private studio, typically situated on beautiful land ideal for walks, hikes, swimming, and solitude. While some ask for fees if you can afford it, most don’t require any kind of payment, and a few even provide financial assistance to help cover travel. Below is a link to a directory of artist and writers’ colonies, as well as direct links to some of the best.


Literary Journals, Magazines, and University Presses

This list doesn’t even make a dent in the number of literary journals and ‘zines available. But it does provide details about journals, some well known and others a relative secret, that consistently publish strong work and have a mission of working with both established and new writers. Beyond this list, perhaps the best place to start is Poetry Links at Drowingman, which provides submission guidelines and links to a comprehensive list of literary journals published in North America. Also useful are the yearly anthologies—Best American Short Stories, Best American Poetry, The O’Henry Awards (fiction), and the Pushcart Prizes. They list the journals from which the contributors were originally published, as well as finalist information that includes place of publication, and the names and addresses of anthologies that are considered for these yearly prizes. This is the best way to keep up with the journals and magazines publishing the most honored work each year. Not included here are the major commercial magazines that publish fiction poetry, and creative nonfiction, such as The New Yorker, Harpers, The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, etc.


Awards for Fiction Writers

This set of links is very select and represents those awards that K. L. Cook has either won or is very familiar with. Perhaps most helpful, for those wanting more comprehensive lists, is to go to The Writers’ Chronicle or Poets & Writers.


Writing Conferences & Book Festivals

This list of conferences and book festivals is also select with a special emphasis on Arizona and the Southwest. There are also major book festivals in almost every state, with particularly huge festivals in Miami and Los Angeles.


Colleges & Universities

The list below features colleges and universities where Cook earned degrees or currently works. Also included on this list are links to several graduate programs in writing as well as links to websites that give more comprehensive links to programs in creative writing.


Favorite Independent Booksellers

A few of the great independents still left, this select list, other than Strand’s, features some of the best independent bookstores in the West and Southwest.